Now this company is absolutely incredible and we were honoured to work with them. Run by the lovely Ann-Marie, Wild and Plastic Free aims to do exactly that! You can have wild and fun adventures whilst using plastic free products to help save the planet. 

We worked with Ann-Marie on some product photography for use on her website and social media platforms. We worked using both backdrops as well as just places around homes. Both created the relaxed home vibe they were after for the brand. 

Our top tip when shooting product photography is always think about the light around you. If you are taking your own photographs and don’t have access to flash guns and light panels, think about taking the photos close to a window or light room. Natural light always works better for product photography as people can visualise it in their home. 

Not only did we get to photograph the products but Ann-Marie very kindly let us keep them after. They are brilliant products and since then we have made several swaps to plastic free products.  

More shoots  with these guys to help support the brands growth are hopefully in the works for 2022 – all dependent on COVID of course and restrictions. But we are all excited for what is to come. So watch this space for more work with Wild and Plastic Free, it is set to be a good one – I for one cannot wait to get started.