Back in September 2021 the Redgrave Theatre in Clifton, Bristol hosted the fantastic Bristol Pole Championships. 

It did not disappoint! With multiple categories to enter, everything from beginners to professionals, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Each performer showcased their very best skills in pole and they were all clearly well choreographed and thought out routines. To say we were in awe of their talents in an understatement! 

Our job there was to take photos of the routines for each competitor. It certainly was a challenge but such a fun one. Each routine varied from 3 minutes to 5 minutes depending on the category they were in. We had zero knowledge of what was about to happen so had to continuously shoot in order to get that picture perfect shot. 

It is a good job we always take 2 cameras sometimes even 3 cameras to each job as we certainly needed them all for this! The nature of this event in continuous shooting means even the top of the range cameras have to catch up for writing the photos. This meant swapping cameras throughout routines in order to shoot for the whole time. This did give variety to shots in terms of wide angles and more close up shots. But out top tip for events like this is to take multiple cameras so you can easily shoot for the whole routine and not have to wait for your camera to write to the memory card. Otherwise you could miss that one pose the athletes have been working on for months! 

After the event we came away buzzing with excitement and so eager to get home and start editing the photos for each competitor. Our cameras also needed a good break as they were now very warm from all the writing!